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To sign up

Click on the "Sign up" button above the navigation menu and fill out the registration form. We suggest you to use a pseudonym to maintain your privacy.

To add an observation

To enter a new ash tree observation, please fill the observation form. Click on "Add a new observation" in the navigation menu and follow the instructions. Send you form by clicking on "Add your observation" placed at the bottom of the page.

If you need help to identify the tree at the species level, download the identification key in PDF format by following this link: Identification key for ash tree species.

Warning: You must fill all fields of the form!

Identify the health status of an ash tree

  • Well-stocked crown
  • Intact bark
Some signs of dieback  


  • Slightly stripped crown (leaves present on over 70% of the crown)
  • Scars on the bark
  • Epicormic shoots at the base of the tree and on the trunk


Frêne légèrement dépérissant
Advanced decay


  • Crown highly stripped (leaves <70% of the crown)
  • Scars and cracks in the bark
  • Bark damaged by squirrels or woodpeckers
  • Yellowing leaves
  • Leaves torn (eaten)
  • Epicormic shoots at the base of the tree and on the trunk


Frêne au dépérissement avancé

Dying or dead

  • Completely stripped crown

Add a picture

Take a picture

The principal elements facilitating identification are: 1) entire leaf (with leaflets), 2) bark, 3) leaf bud or foliar scar. Only one photo can be added with each observation; it may be relevant to show at least two of the items listed above in the same image.

Join the picture to the observation form

It is possible to include, in the observation form, a picture of the ash tree you are recording. To do so, you should go to the section "Species"  and check “species observed”. Once the appropriate box is selected, a "+" button will appear on the left of the species name. Clicking this button will bring up a comments window as well as a button labeled "Choose file" allowing you to browse your personal records to insert an image.

Updating a comment

To change the data of one or more observations, you must follow these steps:

1. Log in if it is not already done.

2. Click on your name at the top right of the window to access your personal page.

3. On the map, locate the observation to which you want to make changes.

4. On the top of the bubble that appeared when clicked on the observation is a "Update" link.

5. Clicking on this link will take you to the update form.

That form will allow you to change all aspects of your observation. You can even add comments or photos. Remember, if your observation had already been approved by an administrator, it will require a new approval.

Browse the site

If you don’t have data, you can still navigate the site and see comments. You can open the observation form and get comfortable with it; as long as you don’t click on the submit button ("Add your observation"), the data is not retained. Make sure you do not send a form that contains false informations.



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